Welcome to My Site



Thank you for visiting my page. As you enter and
explore the site, you could hear a small showcase of music that I sang in the last few years in Jewish music and Opera and some kiddie stuff I recorded way back with friends and my sister Yael. 

I am honored to serve my congregation community at B'nai Or in Morristown NJ, as well as the extended community of the Jewish people. I am inspired to sing concerts of Classical, Jewish or Israeli music and grateful for any opportunity to study music, Tanach, cantillation, and History. I am fascinated by the Jewish people and different cultures they have interacted with over the ages.

As I teach, I continue to learn from my students and surroundings. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow as cantor and musician. Mostly, I am grateful for Motherhood which has taught me the most important and wonderful lessons of all. I share my three incredible daughters with my partner Joe. We are both continuously enchanted by these little human beings and their wonder of the world.

While I've made my home in the Western part of the world, I long and yearn for Israel, my "moledet" (homeland) which will forever be my home away from home.

I enjoy collaborating and bringing people together, building community and projects. I hope that through my love of music and Judaism, I can continue to do that for the next generation and their future.